Business (Limited Company)

Business (Limited Company)

Our firm is one of the fastest-growing, low-cost, fixed-fee accountancy and taxation firms in the UK, serving clients both within the United Kingdom and across Europe. In addition to providing high-quality accounting and tax services, we also strive to achieve entrepreneurial goals. One of our core strengths is the highly professional staff of the firm, which has extensive experience from top ranked accounting firms.


Business (Partner, Unlimited or Sole Trader)

The use of limited liability vehicles to conduct business has become increasingly popular as administrative costs and regulatory requirements for operating companies and limited liability partnerships have decreased over the past 20 years.
It is important to note, however, that a great deal of businesses continue to operate as sole traders or partnerships and, as a result, require specialist tax and accounting skills relevant to the business model they choose for their operation. As a general rule, their annual accounting requirements are simpler, and there is no need to publish information outside of the company. Compared with an equivalent incorporated business, they have fewer taxation requirements and some significant advantages.

In order to ensure that these businesses are able to utilize different rules on the offset of trading losses, as well as the soon to be revised taxation rules relating to accounting basis periods, it is necessary to obtain expert tax advice. If the risks of unlimited liability reach a level that requires a change, you may be able to incorporate your business in a tax-free transfer of assets.

We have considerable experience identifying these issues and advising on appropriate allocation processes for partners and sole traders who make use of assets (such as cars) for personal or business purposes.

In addition to providing annual compliance and tax planning services, wills and probate services, and advice covering a wide range of topics that are relevant to businesses looking to keep their financial affairs in order, partners and sole traders are obviously individuals and will require all the services we provide to our private clients.

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